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Training and Team Building Workshops

Understanding African Culture & Doing Business in Africa

Dr. Ngomsi has provided extensive training sessions to corporations and Not-for-Profit organization doing business in different parts of Africa. The training involves the understanding of the cultural values and belief systems of various African communities.

What is important to Africans? Why do they think and behave as they do? We start the investigation on African culture by examining the values that will give you clues to how people in Africa think, feel, and live. While no one can foretell what another person will think, do, or say, values tell us something about what to expect and give clues about how to work with people from a new culture. Understanding the cultural traditional values of African people and the effects of historical background linked to European colonization is a giant steps towards understanding why African behave the way they do in today’s’ workplace.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi served the US Peace Corps in Africa for 9 years, and successfully used these methods to help them adapt to local cultures.

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