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How the Game is Used


“Your program is good for “at risk students. While playing Yan-koloba, my high school ADD students were more concentrated and focused than when they are taking a test.” Special education students need to develop a higher degree of self-esteem, and your inclusive activities enhance the socio-emotional development of all participants.” This is a special education teacher's comments after she had played Yan-koloba with her students. Students challenge themselves intellectually and emotionally as individuals, but also as team members.

Repeatedly, Yan-koloba is praised for developing concentration in players. The more participants play the game, the more they develop concentration and focus on tasks in hand. Because players use all of their learning styles (visually, auditory, oral, tactile ans kinesthetic) at the same time, the activity inevitably requires a high degree of concentration. Yan-Koloba is multi-task oriented. This skill can easily be used in many other learning opportunities.


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