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Yan-koloba Consultants

Chia Alphonse Tasah

Chia Alphonse Tasah (M.Ed) is Training Consultant for All World languages and Cultures, Inc. since 2006. He was born in Cameroon where he grew up experiencing first hand Yan-koloba and all the benefits that it offers. He learned from African elders the history and the various ways of using Yan-koloba for community building where character is valued to its highest extent, and where teamwork is key to team high achievement.   He is multilingual, fluent in English and French, Pidgin English and other Cameroonian dialects.

Mr. Tasah is very well versed in using Yan-koloba to infuse Character Education in the youth in schools, afterschool settings and in summer camps.  He is a true Ambassador of African cultures who also promotes the love of other world cultures, the respect for diversity, character education, and teambuilding.

He has presented in various conferences including the Minnesota Alliance for the Education of Young Children (MnAEYC-MnSACA). He is enthusiastic and passionate about transforming dysfunctional teams into harmonious ones, and building character in children and adults alike.  He has served as speaker and at corporate retreats including recently at the Ebenezer Hospital Annual meeting on Bridging Cultures.

Chia taught History and English in Cameroon before moving to the USA where further earned a Bachelor Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master degree in Human Resources Development at the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the MnAEYC and MnSaca. 

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