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Training and Workshops

Diversity Education & Training

All of us view the world through “cultural lenses” constructed by us or imposed to us by the society. The first and major step towards successful interaction with others --whose lenses are different from our own-- is to become aware of the presence and the impact of these lenses in our daily attitudes and behaviors. Developing an understanding of our cultural biases, fears and stereotypes, and how they affect our perceptions and interactions with each other at the workplace is a giant step toward reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Our goal is to design and deliver, based on the data collected, an in-depth cultural diversity education and training for your organization. Yan-koloba is the activity that helps us achieve this goal. By participating in Yan-koloba, participants increase their knowledge and skills to deal effectively with cultural differences in the workplace. As they work together towards the accomplishment of a common goal, there is a clear understanding that diversity must be used as an asset and not as liability.

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