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Yan-koloba the Game

Features and Benefits of Yan-koloba

  • Cooperative Learning. Yan-koloba fosters cooperative learning and facilitates student interaction. In these competitive, violent and chaotic times in families, schools and workplaces, Yan-koloba stands out by showing your students the benefits of working cooperatively as a team.

  • Intellectual, emotional and physical challenges. Yan-koloba creates an environment where players challenge themselves intellectually, emotionally and physically.

  • Multiculturalism and diversity. Yan-koloba encourages multicultural and diversity understanding. Its outcomes are applicable to any cultural group and to any classroom. Players of all cultural and social backgrounds, physical and intellectual abilities, gender, race, age and linguistic differences can participate at the same time.

  • Fun, joy and entertainment. Yan-koloba players cannot help laughing at the various hilarious situations that occur during the game. Participants, who have not developed the skills necessary to be successful in the game, may cause laughter from other participants. However, they do not laugh at each other, but rather at the situations.

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