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Keynote Speaker

Emmanuel Ngomsi, Ph.D.

Motivational Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Corporate TrainerYan-koloba® is an awesome game but when you get to participate with Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi as the facilitator, IT IS AN EXPERIENCE! The best thing about a Yan-koloba presentation with Dr. Ngomsi is that you get a team building, leadership, character building and cultural diversity training all-in-one!

Dr. Ngomsi is a motivational keynote and conference speaker and he brings transformation to teams as a corporate trainer. Dr. Ngomsi's passion for training, education and Yan-koloba® shows in all of his presentations and spreads to the participants.

Motivational Keynote SpeakerA wheelchair bound lady in a retirement home who hadn't moved her arm in years, played Yan-koloba® and was having so much fun that she didn't notice she was using her "immobile" arm.

He is a motivator! He has passion! Dr. Ngomsi and Yan-koloba® together are unlike any other training session you have experienced.

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