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Yan-koloba the Game

Purpose of Yan-koloba

The purpose of the game is to work together as a team to move the blocks rhythmically, simultaneously and continuously around the playing area.

  • A multitasking team building game that promotes listening and oral skills, visual and kinesthetic coordination, oral and auditory capability, as well as leadership skills.

  • A playing activity that develops great concentration and focus in players.

  • A team event challenging players intellectually, emotionally and physically, in a fun and enjoyable environment.

  • A multicultural team building activity rooted in the cultures and traditions of Africa that can be played simultaneously by an unlimited number of players, regardless of their cultural background, ages and physical ability.

  • A character building and educational game, which is designed to teach players respect and teamwork, collaboration and responsibility, promotes tolerance and trust in a fun and very enjoyable environment.

  • A team building game that challenges both the individual and the team, while promoting competition without confrontation, and a win-win outcome.

"One hand can not tie up a bundle"

"If ten dig and ten fill up, there is much dust but no hole"

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