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Professionals Support Yan-Koloba:

Yan-koloba® is a wonderfully energizing and unifying activity. It clearly show us how important the contribution of each and every team member is to team success, and how that success in turn affects our personal feelings of achievement. Yan-koloba® is a very versatile and easy-to-use tool, and an opportunity to preserve a traditional folkloric game from Cameroon.”

Dianne Hofner Saphiere
Director and Intercultural Consultant
Nipporica Associates
Leawood, Kansas

Yan-koloba® teaches children at a young age (and adults as well) how to work together. We live at a time when violence seems to be the dominant cultural model of conduct. Yan-koloba® requires that people harmonize. It is a game that does not highlight a loser therefore everybody wins. Everybody can be successful, if they can work together.”

Reverend Emanuel Cleaver II
Former Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri and US Congressman

Yan-koloba® is a uniquely fun game that keeps our children away from TV and electronic games, and allows them to play and socialize with other children. Every family and classroom should have its own set.”

Dr. Michael Charles
Educator and Music Consultant
MICO Enterprises
Kansas City, Missouri

Yan-koloba® is a great ice breaker and tension reliever. Do not limit yourself where to take it.”

Barbara Lindstrom
Film Director and Television Announcer

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