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The Yan-koloba Book

No Better Way to Build Cultural Barriers
No Better Activity to Build Cultural Bridges"

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Leader in Education

Our schools and communities are becoming increasingly multicultural.  Classroom management has become a major educational concern for educators.  Overall school violence is in increase.  Nevertheless, academic achievement for all students remains our main goal.  Not all students learn the same way.  If children do not learn the way we teach, we should strive to teach the way they learn.

How can these various barriers and attitudes be amended so that we can attain the expected academic achievement, and reduce achievement and cultural gaps between students of different backgrounds?  How can we build character and moral values in our children?  How can we develop higher levels of concentration and focus on learning contents for all students? 

Corporate Trainers and Managers

Our workplaces are becoming increasingly multicultural.  When persons from different cultural backgrounds have to work together, there comes inevitable moments of frustration and diminished productivity due to the divergence of views presented by existing cultural habits, values and belief systems.

How can these various cultural barriers and attitudes that often get in the way of collective teamwork be amended so that cultural bridges can be built, while maintaining the identity and uniqueness of each existing culture? 


What is Yan-koloba?

Imagine a new FUN learning and teaching activity that reaches across all cultural, physical and intellectual boundaries, fully delights and engages all participants, teaching them respect, teamwork and responsibility, promotes acceptance and trust, boosts their self-esteem and leadership skills.  This complete multicultural, intellectual and character building process reinforces work ethics and relationships among participants.  It is not too good to be true; it is Yan-koloba.  In 5 years, we studied the effectiveness of Yan-koloba with more than 12,600 educators, trainers and parents, and more than 6,800 youth participants.  A hundred percent of them mentioned: 1) “Yan-koloba is a fun and entertaining activity”, and 2) “Yan-koloba develops teamwork.”  Yan-koloba has its roots reaching back in the cultures of Africa.

The new Yan-koloba Book titled:

No Better Way to Break Cultural Barriers;
No Better Activity to Build Cultural Bridges”

Provides detailed information on how to use this fun, interactive and highly participatory activity to bring harmony and character in your classrooms and in the entire school community.  It describes the research on the activity and the related results.  Yan-koloba is efficient for all team activities and for all ages, for all meetings and trainings, for all cultural and special events.  This training manual also provides interactive and highly participatory strategies to bring all members of your team into the accomplishment of a common goal.  Yan-koloba is a metaphor for life.  It enhances the interpersonal skills but also the intrapersonal development of each participant.


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150 PAGES - 8 ½ X 11                     

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