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How the Game is Used


Laughter is an integral part of Yan-Koloba. The game is played in a fun and very enjoyable environment. Players operate in a milieu where learning is fun, for children and adults alike. No one completes a round of Yan-koloba without laughing!

Expressions like “I had a lot of fun!” is frequent comments at the end of each Yan-koloba session. Yan-koloba is often praised for being a tension reliever. By playing the game, participants free themselves from life burdens of all kinds.

Bringing Joy
After a training session with a group of health professionals, a lady came to me and thanked me in an enthusiastic “You made my day!” This appreciation was familiar. What she added made the comment special. She said “Thank you for making me forget the ordeal that I have been going through. I am sorry for bothering you with my personal business.” I encouraged her to talk. She continued: “I have not laughed this much in the past six months I have been going through a devastating divorce. Thank you for bringing laughter into my life again.”


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